Another items some of our Partners wish to hide from the view of their customers is the “Action Log”. This section of the Customer Control Panel houses all system messages. Some of these messages include system invoices, provisioning details, and other account actions.


If this information is something you’d prefer to be hidden the following steps will guide you through the process to do so.

 mceclip2.png Process

  1. While logged into the Classic Panel click on the "Settings" link on the navigation menu.


  1. Next, click on the “UX1 Navigation”


  1. Use the “Label” search tool to find the UI Controls associated with the “Action Log”. In the “Label” field enter “action” and press the “Search” button. The search will locate 4 UI controls. Select these controls and press the “Hide” button.


  1. Hiding these UI controls will prevent the “Action Log” from being displayed in the Customer CP.