You can manually create staff users that would be able to access your Reseller control panel. You can also assign roles to those users to enable/disable features which they would have access to. The first step though is to create a user. This walkthrough will guide you through that process. Role creation and assignment will be covered in another section of this guide.

mceclip1.png Process

  1. The first step is to log into your Reseller Control Panel ( Once you’re logged in click on the “Classic Panel” link at the top of the site.
    • XX: Two letter country code, g. – us, ca, au, uk, nl, etc.
    • YY: Two letter reseller hub code, g. – na, oc, eu, as, oc, me, etc.


  1. From the Classic Panel we’ll need to switch over to the “Billing” side to access its Click on the “Billing” link at the top of the site.


  1. On the “Billing” side of the control panel we will need to click on the “Users” link on the left-hand side navigation


  1. Your current users will be Press the “Add New User” button to begin the process of creating a new staff member.


  1. Complete the form and press the “Next” Please note that we recommend using the “Generate” button to set a strong temporary password. When you are ready to provide the user with their login credentials you should only give them their username and web address (URL) to the control panel. They can then use the “Forgot Password” option to set their own password. Keep in mind that for this to work properly you must ensure that the email address you list for the user is correct.


  1. Next, select the “Billing” role you want to assign to the user and then press the “Next”


  1. Select the suitable role for the user and press the “Finish”. However, by default, you can select "Staff Member Defaults".


  1. The user is created.