If an existing user requires a change to their permissions, you can easily change which role they are assigned. In this guide we created a user and granted them the “Full Access” Billing role and the “Account Administrator” Service Management role. This user has full access. If this user shouldn’t have this level of access, we could switch these roles. Let’s say this user should be part of the “Order Fulfillment” team and should only be allowed to place orders for customers. We created that Service Management role earlier in this guide. The following steps will take us through the process of changing this user’s permissions.

mceclip1.png Process

  1. The first step is to log into your Reseller Control Once you’re logged in click on the “Classic Panel” link at the top of the site.


  1. From the Classic Panel we’ll need to switch over to the “Billing” side to access its Click on the “Billing” link at the top of the site.


  1. On the “Billing” side of the control panel we will need to click on the “Users” link on the left-hand side navigation menu.


  1. Next, we’ll use the search tool to locate our user (Dante). Once we’ve found our user we can click on the username to manage it.


  1. The next step is to switch to the “Billing Roles” tab.


  1. Since we want this user to only be able to place orders from the control panel they do not need a Billing Check the “Full Access” checkbox and press the “Delete” button.


  1. The “Full Access”” role is Next, we’ll switch to the “Service Management Roles” tab.


  1. The “Account Administrator” role needs to be Select the role and press the “Delete” button.


  1. Now that the permissions that we did not want the user to have are removed we can now add the role we want them to Press the “Add Roles” button.


  1. Select the “Order Fulfillment Team” role and press the “Add Roles(s)”


  1. Our user (Dante) is now assigned to the “Order Fulfillment Team”


Definition of User Roles

Follow till the step no. 5.

You will see the assigned roles under the Billing Roles tab.


Click on each of the Roles to know and understand the various privileges available under the particular role.

  • Full Access - Click on the Privileges tab to view the privileges of Full Access.


  • Here you can see the list of the available privileges.


  • Customer Full Access


NOTE: You can attach/ detach the privileges of the available roles by clicking on the Attach/ Detach button. To detach, first select the privilege and click on the Detach button.