Your reseller account comes with some default “Billing Roles” that can be assigned to your staff users. Keep in mind that these roles are used for managing functionality within the Classic Panel’s “Billing” side.




Full Access

Full access role

Customer Full Access

Roll granting full access to managing your customers

Service Desk Only

Only able to submit tickets to the Ingram Micro Service Desk

If the existing roles are insufficient you can create additional ones. There are multiple privileges available to you for creating new roles. The next section of this guide will walk you through creating a new Billing Role.


Creating a Billing Role

These roles are only required if the user will need access into the Classic Panel’s “Billing” side. If this is needed the following steps will walk you through the process of creating new “Billing Roles” for staff users.

mceclip1.png Process

  1. The first step is to log into your Reseller Control Panel ( Once you’re logged in click on the “Classic Panel” link at the top of the
    • XX: Two letter country code, e.g. – us, ca, au, uk, nl, etc.
    • YY: Two letter reseller hub code, e.g. – na, oc, eu, as, oc, me, etc.


  1. From the Classic Panel we’ll need to switch over to the “Billing” side to access its Click on the “Billing” link at the top of the site.


  1. On the “Billing” side of the control panel we will need to use the “Search” tool to locate the “Roles” section. Type “roles” into the search field and press the “Enter” key.


  1. The “Security” section of the control panel will then be visible to From here you can see the current “Roles” that exist in the system.


You can also view the different privileges you can enable for your roles. Click on the “Privileges” tab if you want to review them.


To create a new role, press the “Add New Role” button on the “Roles” tab.


  1. The first step is to provide a Name and a Description for the role that is being created.


  1. Select the permissions you wish to enable for the role and press the “Finish” button.


  1. The new role is created and is now available for use.