Typically, the billing of end customers tends to occur in an external system. Because of this many of our Reseller Partners would like to hide any details in their customers’ control panels that relate to invoices, orders, and payment methods.

On the home page of the customer control panel there is an “Invoices” tile that is frequently hidden.


Additionally, under the “Accounts” menu section there are other invoice, order, and payment method details that can also be hidden.


To hide these items there are several steps that need to be followed.

mceclip1.png Process

  1. While logged into the Classic Panel click on the "Settings" link on the navigation menu.


  1. Next, click on the “UX1 Navigation”


  1. Use the search tool to locate the “view-plugin@” UI control. This is the UI control for the Invoices tile on the home page of the customer control panel. 


  1. Check the checkbox beside the “view-plugin@” UI control and press the “Hide” button. 


  1. With this UI control hidden the “Invoices” tile in the customer control panel is no longer visible.


  1. The next step is to also hide the orders and invoices details that are beneath the “Account” section of the customer control panel. To do this we’ll use the search tool again. This time we’ll use the  "Label” field. Type “Orders and Invoices” into the Label field and press the “Search” button.


  1. Select all the “Orders and Invoices” UI controls and press the “Hide” button.


  1. The “Orders and Invoices” UI controls will be hidden.


  1. The last UI control to hide relates to the Payment Methods. User the search tool one more time. Enter “item@” into the “Name of UI control” field and press the “Search” button. 


  1. Check the checkbox for this UI control and press the “Hide” button.


  1. The payment methods UI control is now hidden.


  1. In the customer control panel, the “Account” section no longer displays any details related to invoices, orders, or payment methods.