This article explains how to prepare a quote and share it with your customers and prospects. You may choose to send a quote:

  • By email
  • As a PDF file
  • By publishing it in the End-Customer Marketplace, so that your customer's users can review and purchase the offers in the quote after they log in to their Customer Control Panel.


To prepare a quote, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Marketplace and go to the Marketplace.
  2. Add items to the cart, specifying the quantity, and then select the Quote tile and click Next.
  3. Select a customer and click Next.
  4. Select the items that you want to include in the quote. 
    • Enter a name and a description for the quote. Note: The name and description will not be included in the PDF, however, it can be used to distinguish the quote in a list of all quotes that you have made available to the customer. 

    • Next, enter the URL to a company logo. Note: the logo URL must be an image that is publicly available on the internet.
    • If you wish to create a limited-time offer, select the Set the quote validity period checkbox and select the offer end date.
    • You may include information about the customer and your organization (the reseller), select the checkboxes Display customer data in the PDF quote and Display reseller data in the PDF quote.
    • You may adjust the data presented in the columns by clicking on the wrench icon.
  5. To preview the quote, click Preview PDF.
  6. To publish the quote in the End-Customer Marketplace, select the checkbox: Display the quote in End-Customer Marketplace.
  7. To insert a Marketplace link to the items listed in the quote, select the checkbox Add the Review button to the PDF file.
  8. Finally, click Create a Quote.


The quote will be sent to the customer by email as a PDF file. If you selected the option Display the quote in End-Customer Marketplace, it will also be available in the End-Customer Marketplace within the star icon next to the Shopping Cart