How can a reseller pay for an invoice using a credit memo?

For Prepaid Accounts – If there is an available credit balance, the system will use it.

For Term Accounts


  1. When you try to pay one or multiple documents, you will receive a message with the amount of the available credit balance.
  2. If you want to use it, please contact Ingram Micro support at

Rest of World

  1. An invoice can now be paid by Credit Balance which includes Credit Memos attached to an account earlier.
  2. In the Unified Reseller Control Panel (former CCPv2) we disabled the ability to link/unlink AR documents, for example applying credit memos to invoices, unlinking payments from invoices, due to financial compliance reasons.
  3. Reseller has documents to pay – invoices and debit memos. They are highlighted on the Home page and in a separate list called “Unpaid documents”.
  4. Reseller has an overall “credit balance” - that includes any unapplied payments and credit memos.
  5. This amount is highlighted on the Home page and visible/available for use when a user selects to pay some unpaid documents.
  6. When Reseller decides to use it, the system applies it at its own discretion.
  7. Manual link/unlink of AR documents is available in the Classic Panel of a provider. So, if a reseller doesn’t like how the system applied his payments/credit memos to open invoices, he can call Support to revert the changes.

    Please provide this KB article How to Pay Unpaid Invoices to the Resellers to follow.

Why a reseller's credit memo is in a "closed" state although (I know) there is some balance available?

A reseller does not manage credit memos provided by a vendor. The credit balance of the reseller includes provided credit.

A credit memo is always "closed" for a reseller.

For details on a reason look at Question 1.

As a vendor, I used to check credit memos status in the "My subscriptions" panel of a reseller. What to do now?

You may want to use the L1 / Country level Classic Panel: navigate to Billing > Reseller > Documents

How can I apply a credit less than my Invoices?

Please contact Ingram Micro Support at (xx represents the country code, example: