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Modified on: Wed, 20 Jan, 2021 at 8:57 AM

Getting started

How to log in to the New Reseller Control Panel?

Follow the simple steps to get access to the Unified Control Panel and start working with new Reseller's Experience.

  1. Log in to *.cloud.im and click on CONTROL PANEL button.


2. The Unified Control Panel will be opened in the new browser TAB


Why should I use the New Reseller Control Panel?

New Experience Release Notes for Resellers

Subscription management, Order management, My subscriptions management are still available in the Classic Panel.

Subscription management

What is the best way to increase the subscription limits?

Go to Customer Management → Find the customer you have to increase subscription limits for → Log in on behalf of this customer.

Working on behalf of your customer, go to Account Management → Change the subscription limits in the Account Status.  


Placing orders

How to add PO numbers when placing orders?

In addition to basic account information, you can assign your own Purchase Order Numbers to orders. This will help you to easily identify transactions and more quickly map them to your local ERP or accounting system during billing data export.


Customer Management

How to add new customer?

Go to customer management → Choose "new customer", you can create both business and personal accounts. Or you can add a new user while plicing an order.

The integration of Google Places Autocomplete into the New Control Panel makes the process of filling in the address effortless and eliminates errors. You just have to start typing the first few characters of an address and the autocomplete mechanism will make suggestions and fill in the rest.



You can use the Custom Account ID field, where you can save the Customer ID of an account in the 3rd-party system.


How to find existing customer?

You can easily manage your customer base. You can search for a specific customer account using common or custom parameters in the filter.


Sales Channels

What's Sales Channels and why it is "view only"?

Sales Channels section, moving forward, is going to be about end-customer channel management where you will be able to customize the market place tile, set the promotions and more.

If you feel it's confusing, this section can be hidden from the new panel. For that you should go to Classic Panel → Settings and hide it. 

Account Management

What is Rated Data Export (RDE)?

Rated Data Export is an additional component that allows you to generate and export reports about rated transactions. 

The generated report contains information about the transaction itself: price, cost, associated customer, order/customer attribute, etc. This information can be used in other reseller's internal systems, for reconciliations, etc.

Rated Data Export component covers both types of transactions:

  • When resellers are considered as resellers of provider's services and they resell services to end customers.
  • When resellers are considered as customers of a provider and they purchase services from the provider for their own use.

You can generate a one-time report on demandor create a schedule for auto-generationon a monthly or daily basis. A monthly report is automatically generated on a selected date every month with data for the previous month. A daily report is automatically generated every day with data for the previous calendar day.


Reports are available in CSV, XML, JSON, XLSX formats. All the generated reports are stored in the Cloud Storage for 90 days. After that period, they are automatically removed.

The report contains the following information:

  • Account
  • Subscription
  • Subscription's service plan
  • Subscription's resource
  • Charge
  • Order
  • Invoice data

From both sides, reseller's and customer's.

How Can I Find COGS Reports?

Why still using COGS/Custom Report?

We highly recommend you to use RDE as a more universal and stable tool, however in the following cases you may still need COGS report:
  • If you need to get report automatically when new invoices are issued 
  • If you need to customize the report format
  • If you need to input several e-mail addresses for delivering notifications

Although all of the above will be available in RDE in the upcoming releases. 

How to get to My Subscriptions?

Unified Contol Panel is replacing "My Subscriptions". You can manage your subscriptions in the Classic Panel.How to get to Azure Management?Azure management is available in Classic Panel → Operations

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