How do I add a payment method?

To add a credit card for payment methods - please follow the steps on this link:

How can I ensure that my invoices are paid using my credit card automatically? 

Please enable your credit card for Automatic payment. To do this, please follow the steps on this link:

Does UX1 support ACH Payment Method / Direct Debit Payment method (IMCDocData)? 

No, it does not. These payment methods management is avail in Classic Panel. Please see


How to use Automatic payment management in UX1?

We have two options, which depend on type of reseller account: 1) on Terms and 2) those who use Credit cards.

1)Credit cards can be added as "back up" during registration or first order on the account but not if the account is already existing. 


(info) Only in AU which has Net Terms w/ cc can this be applied.

2) Reseller using CC by default do not have this capability to manage automatic payments. Default payment method is going to be set up.