If required, you can turn the auto-renew option of a subscription on or off. Follow the instructions in this article to learn how.

Important Note for TeamViewer Subscriptions

The auto-renewal for TeamViewer subscriptions cannot be disabled by following this process. To disable auto-renewal of any TeamViewer subscription, the partners must cancel the subscription in their respective Cloud Marketplace, at least 28 days before renewal.

Agents can also refer the Additional Terms and Conditions for TeamViewer Subscriptions sections under Legal Information in their respective Cloud Marketplace.


  1. Login to the Customer Control Panel. Please follow the article - How to Log in to Customer Control Panel to know how to do so. mceclip0.png 

  2. Click on the Account tab from the left side menu.

  3. Now click on the Subscriptions option. mceclip2.png

  4. You will see all the available subscriptions. Choose the subscription by clicking on it you want to renew. mceclip3.png

  5. You will see the subscription details. By default Automatic Renewal is enabled. mceclip4.png

  6. Click on the Disable Automatic Renewal button to disable the Auto Renewal. mceclip5.png

  7. You will see that Automatic Renewal is Disabled. mceclip6.png

  8. Click on the Enable Automatic Renewal button to re-enable it. mceclip7.png

  9. The status will change back to Enabled. mceclip8.png