The following article describes how to create Users. While creating Users you can assign:

  1. i) Users to the role of Admin and
  2. ii) Services.

1) Log in to your Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select ‘Users’ from the left-side menu options


3) On the ‘Users’ landing page, you will find all Users listed here (this page will only list the Customer initially)


4) Click the ADD NEW USERS button


5) On the ‘Add New Users’ page enter: first name; last name; email ID and role





1) If you want someone else to receive notifications on behalf of the User, tick the ‘Use different emails to sign in and receive notifications’ and provide the alternative email ID.



2) If a new user is assigned the role of ‘Admin’ then, more contact information is required for Admin users such as address and phone number.



6) (optional) If you want to add more Users click the ONE MORE USER button



7) Click the Finish button


8) You will receive a notification stating that the User was added


Other actions you can perform from the ‘Users’ page: