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With Acronis Backup Cloud subscriptions, Ingram Micro Resellers can provide backup and disaster recovery services to their Customers. Using Acronis Cloud, workstations, VMs, servers, O365, etc. can be backed up to local storage or to Acronis’ secure data centers.

There are 4 subscription options for Acronis backup and recovery services: Pay-as-You-Go (PAYG); Capped Storage; Office 365 and Volume Pricing all listed under the ‘BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY’ option on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.


Purchasing an Acronis Subscription – Things to Keep in Mind

This part of the Starter Guide broadly describes the purchase process while highlighting important points about the Acronis subscriptions.

1) Log in to your account on the Cloud Marketplace (to locate your regional Marketplace refer to ‘L2 Channel Support - Directory’)




  • Volume Pricing is only for Resellers
  • Reseller Branding and White Labeling standalone is available under ‘Acronis Backup Cloud - Volume Pricing’ subscription
  • Resellers who want ‘Reseller Branding and White Labeling’ can access it by one of three ways:
  1. Resellers can attach ‘Reseller Branding and White Labeling’ standalone to existing Acronis PAYG, Capped Storage and O365 subscriptions;
  2. Purchase Volume Pricing service plans (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.) which come bundled with Reseller Branding and White Labeling
  3. Resellers who do not own an Acronis Backup Cloud subscription but want ‘Reseller Branding and White Labeling’ can first purchase Acronis PAYG, Capped Storage or O365 subscriptions and then upgrade to ‘Reseller Branding and White Labeling’ (refer to ‘How to: Upgrade Your Acronis Subscription‘ to upgrade from within in the RCP) OR return to the CMP to purchase the standalone subscription

3) You can purchase this subscription from the Reseller Control Panel as well. Search Acronis in the search box and select your required subscription.


4) Select your product by clicking on the tile.


5) Click on ADD TO CART to add the subscription.


6) Scroll up and click on Cart icon.


7) View your cart and click on NEXT button.


8) Select your customer and click on NEXT.


9) Check the box for Terms and Conditions and click on the BUY button.




Summary of Steps to Get Your Acronis Cloud Backup Up and Running

Once you have purchased an Acronis Backup subscription, you need to log in to your customer’s Control Panel (Customer Control Panel) to assign the Acronis service to a Customer by creating the Customer’s Acronis Cloud Account. Once complete, you can create Acronis Cloud Accounts for all Users (not required for Acronis Backup for Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions) that need to download and install the Acronis agent unto their devices.

IMPORTANT! The credentials generated while setting up the Acronis Cloud Account are required for logging into the Acronis Management Console and required during installation of the Acronis agent.

After creating the Acronis Cloud Account for Users, you will need to activate the User (this step is not required for Customers).

Customers and Users can both download the Acronis agent from the Acronis Management Console.Customers can also download directly from their Customer Control Panel however it is very strongly recommended that Customers also download the Acronis agent from the Acronis Management Console.

The final step is to setup an Acronis backup plan through the Acronis Cloud Management Console, refer to this article for some quick reference to Acronis’ online help for completing this task.


About Volume Pricing

Volume Pricing service plans are for Resellers. ‘Reseller Branding and White Labeling’ is packaged with Volume Pricing service plans and is also available as a standalone.

Like other Acronis subscriptions once you have purchased a Volume Pricing subscription, you will need to create an Administrator. Then the Administrator will be able to activate and access the Acronis Management Console account to manage Users and share credentials with Users so they can download and install their agents.

Things to remember about ‘Volume Pricing’:

  • If storage use is less than minimum commitment, the difference will be shown and charged on an additional bill generated on the same day as the statement date
  • Returns (for pre-paid subscriptions) and additional charges (for PAYG subscriptions) will be issued on the 32nd day after the “opt-in” for Volume Pricing date
  • Upgrades are automatically performed, on the statement day, if minimum usage exceeds the next minimum level while downgrades must be done manually
  • Returns (for pre-paid subscriptions) and additional charges (for PAYG subscriptions) will be issued on the 32nd day after the “opt-out” date with a single Correcting Order

Please note the following:

  1. In the Reseller Control Panel, monthly paid subscriptions show ‘Expires Soon’ under ‘Status.This does not require any action because renewal is automatic.

  1. To upgrade your Customers to ‘Volume Pricing’ or ‘Reseller Branding’, Resellers can refer to ‘How to: Upgrade Your Acronis Subscription’.

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