1) Log in to the control panel (for Customer Control Panel click here; for MyCP click here)


2) Select ‘Backup’ from the left-side menu (if you have multiple subscriptions you can use the subscription number to identify a specific subscription)


3) On the ‘Backup’ page, click the CHANGE PASSWORD button on the ‘Backup User’ tile


4) In the ‘Change Password’ pop-up window, create the new password

IMPORTANT! Ensure you have a record of your login credentials in case you want to log in directly to the Acronis Management Console through the Acronis URL (refer to ‘How to: Log in to the Acronis Management Console’) and these credentials are also required during download and installation of the Acronis agent.


You can use the auto-generated password found in the ‘Password’ field or use mceclip2.png to generate a new password or enter your own password (the mceclip3.png icon allows you to hide or un hide the password)

5) Click the OK button