1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel & click on Marketplace:


  1. On the Search box, key-in IBM Storage Insights Pro & click on the relevant search result:


  1. Browse the list of available plan & click on Add to cart corresponding to the chosen one:


  1. Scroll the page up & click on the Cart icon to proceed with checkout:


  1. Check and ensure that you have your desired plan in the cart:


  1. You can increase/decrease the # of licenses as per the requirement. Use (+) or (-) icons to do so, and click on (+) or (-) button.

  • Note – The min. license limit might vary from plan to plan. IF you get the following message while increasing/decreasing the number of licenses, ensure that the requirement is within the permissible limit.


  1. From this page, you can either assign the license to an existing customer or you can add a new customer altogether. Make a choice & click on Next:


  1. Verify the customer details & click on Next:


  1. Re-validate the plan details here:


Agree to the terms & conditions & click on Buy:


  1. The following message will be displayed. Please note that it might take up to 24 hours for the order to get provisioned.