Acronis Backup for Office 365 – Starter Guide

Acronis offers security in the form of granular restoration of individual emails, attachments, contacts, and calendars for O365.


  1. Valid and active O365 mailbox
  2. The user installing Acronis O365 Backup agent and managing backups should have administrative status on the O365 account


  1. This current version of Acronis Backup for O365 does not support SharePoint and OneDrive.
  2. The PSTN add-on for Skype in the 'Acronis for O365 Hard Bundle' is currently only available in US and Canada.
  3. The 1GB free storage space offered with 'Acronis for O365 Hard Bundle' is per mailbox.

To begin scheduling backups using the Acronis Management Console do the following:

i) Assign a user (with O365 administrative privileges) to your Acronis account (refer to ‘How to: Assign Acronis to Your O365 Administrator

ii) Download and install Acronis agent (refer to ‘How to: Download and Install Acronis Backup Agent’)

iii) Log in to Acronis Backup Management (refer to ‘One-click Sign-in to Acronis Backup Management Console’)

iv) Create a backup schedule and initialize the first backup (refer to ‘How to: Setup Backup Schedule, Run Backups & Recovery’)

v) Once backups are created, you can select which item to recover (refer to ‘How to: Setup Backup Schedule, Run Backups & Recovery’)

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