Backups are completely managed by a user or users with O365 Administrative log in credentials. Acronis Backup for O365 has no end user interface and backups are not managed individually.

If you are not going to manage the Acronis Backup account yourself, provide the log in credentials to the intended user.


To assign the Acronis account to an O365 administrator follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP).

  2. Click on Backup in left side menu.

  3. The ‘Backup’ page opens. Scroll down to Backup user section and click on ADD NEW USER.

  4. Fill the form with correct details of the user and click on NEXT.

    Note: Only O365 is supported. Ensure selected or created user has an active O365 tenant.

  5. Provide all the relevant permission to the user and click on finish.

  6. User will be available in the list of the users.

  7. By clicking on ACTIONS button, you can login to Backup console and can change other permission or settings of the user.


This document has provided information about How to Assign Acronis to Your O365 Administrator.