This document will provide you with necessary information about how to run a backup recovery.

When you want to recover your backups, you can opt to view the backups of a complete mailbox or a single email. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Process workflow

  1. Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)

  2. Click the Backuptab at left side menu.

  3. On the Backup page, click on LOG INTO BACKUP CONSOLE in My Backup.

  4. When the Acronis O365 Management Console opens, select Manage Accounts > Microsoft Office 365

  5. Click the Recoverbutton corresponding to the tenant domain for which you want to view backups of data for

  6. A display window slides in displaying recovery points() (one recovery point per backup)

  7. Select a recovery point

  8. Click the Recover…button, there are two options: 1) recover selected email(s) or 2) recover the complete mailbox (if recovering an entire mailbox you can skip directly to)

  9. For recovering a specific email:

  10. Recovery begins and live feedback is provided on its status until complete

  11. If you have not opted to have data restored to original folders, you will see ‘Recovered      Items’ folder containing all the recovered data.

    For comprehensive help on using Acronis Management Console, click here.


This document has provided information about How to Run a Backup Recovery.