This document will describes you about how to setup backup schedule.

Once the Acronis Backup Agent has been successfully deployed, all the structure of mailboxes, folders, contacts, email content of the protected O365 tenant, etc. will be pulled into the Acronis Management Console.

It is recommended that a dedicated machine, with 24/7 uptime, is used so backups can be scheduled during off-hours.


  1. Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP).

  2. Click the Backupoption at the left side menu.

  3. On the ‘Backup’ page, click on LOG INTO BACKUP CONSOLE in My Backup.

  4. When the Acronis O365 Management Console opens, select Devices > All devices.

  5. Select Microsoft Office 365, O365 Sign In becomes available.

  6. Enter administrative credentials for your O365 tenant and click the Sign Inbutton

  7. Sign in begins and it may take some time as Acronis tries to read: structure of mailboxes, folders, contacts, email content.

  8. When connection is successfully established, all the mailboxes under this tenant will be displayed.

    Note: By default, mailboxes are displayed as tiles (icons and all information are pulled from O365). Use the () or () buttons to toggle between tile and list viewing modes.

    1. List view of all mailboxes
    2. Click () to enable tile view of all mailboxes.

  10. Click the Enable Backupbutton corresponding to the mailboxes you want to setup a backup schedule for

  11. Configurable settings for a scheduled backup slides in where you can configure a backup’s schedule. The configurable settings let you define: where to store backups; backup day and time and frequency; and how long to retain backups before deleting

  12. When the settings are configured, click the Apply button.

  13. If required, you can run a backup immediately by clicking the Run Now button.

  14. While the backup is being created you can view its progress.

  15. Once the backup is created, information about the backup will be displayed including when the next backup is scheduled.

    For detailed help on using the Acronis Management Console, click here.