This document will provide you information about how to purchase Acronis PAYG / Capped Storage from in panel Cloud marketplace of Customer Control Panel.

Protecting your data is very important. A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan should include reliable, efficient and daily backup of essential information, and a clear plan for recovering that information. Backup and disaster recovery solutions involve business continuity, archiving and secure access tools. They also include on-premises or hybrid solutions for cloud email, systems, servers, devices and data centers.

Follow below process to buy Acronis Backup Cloud PAYG / Capped Storage.


  1. Login to your Customer Control Panel and click on Marketplace.

  2. Click on Backup and Recovery tile under Marketplace section.

  3. Select a subscription as per your requirement. Either Acronis Backup Cloud – Capped storage, or Acronis Backup Cloud – Pay As You Go.

  4. Select a required plan and click NEXT

  5. You can link your domain by selecting ‘Link a Domain to Service and click on NEXT.

    - You can Register a New Domain;
    - Transfer Your Domain;
    - Add Your Domain.

  6. If you don’t want to link a domain to service, so select Don’t Link a Domain and click on NEXT

  7. Add a comment (if required) and click Finish.

  8. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on CONFIRM.

  9. Once the order will be completed, you can setup backup for files / devices.


This document has provided information about How to Purchase Acronis Backup from Customer Control Panel.