After purchasing Acronis BaaS and creating a new backup account, the next step is to install the Acronis backup client so that you can begin setting up backup plans. The client is downloaded from the Acronis Management Console.

Follow the instructions below to log in to the Acronis Management Console and download and install the Acronis backup client.

1)    Before you begin, we recommend to check that your machine has the minimum system requirements for the client.

2)    Log in to your customer’s Acronis Management Console.

3)    In the console, click the at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.

4)    Select the language for the client and the version required (Linux or Windows).

In this example, we select Windows.


5)    The install file will be downloaded. Run the file on the machine (Server, PC, VM or VPS) that you want to back up.


6)    Select the components to install and click Next.

7)     Confirm the location where the client will be installed. In most cases, you can leave the default option here. Then click Next to complete the installation.


8)    Enter the Acronis admin user’s credentials. If you do not know the credentials, find them in the Users tab in the Customer Control Panel. Then click Next.


9)    If a Backup Client Service account has already been created, select it from the list. Otherwise, select Create a new account and a new one will be set up. Then click Next.


10)  Review the information in the install summary. If the settings are correct click Install to begin the installation.

11)  When the installation has completed, click Finish.

After following the steps above, the Acronis backup client is now installed on your machine. The next step is to set up a backup plan.