The instructions below explain how to set up a new backup plan. Note that before you can set up a backup plan, you first need to purchase an Acronis subscription, create an Acronis account and install the client on the machine to be backed up.

Follow the instructions below to set up a new Acronis backup plan.

1)    Log in to the Acronis Management Console.

2)    Select the machine that you want to back up. Note that the machine must first have the backup client installed.

3)    Navigate to the Backup tab at the bottom, right-hand side of the page.

4)    Select the New backup plan option.

5)    You will see two options for creating the backup plan:

  • Disks: Select this option to back up an entire disk.
  • Files and Folders: Select this option if you prefer to back up specific folders or individual files.

6)    Select the location for saving the file and click NEXT.



7)    Select the frequency and time for the backup job and click NEXT.


8)    Select the retention period for the backed-up data. The retention period is very flexible and can be set to any value of days, weeks, months, or years, or even indefinitely. Then click NEXT.

9)    Select the required parameters and specify a name for the backup job. Then click SAVE.


10)  The plan you created now appears on the main page of the console.



11)  When you need to make any changes or delete the backup plan, click on the gear icon.

After following the steps above, you have created a new Acronis backup plan. To make any changes or to delete the backup plan, click on the gear icon.