You or your customer can buy Dropmysite subscription from Customer Control Panel. If your customer(s) want to buy this subscription from Customer Control Panel, they should have credentials for Customer Control Panel. Follow below process to purchase Dropmysite from the Customer Control Panel.


  1. Login to your Customer Control Panel.


  1. Click on Marketplace in the Left Side Menu.


  1. Click on Backup and Disaster Recovery.


  1. Click on Dropsuite – Dropmysite Website Backup


  1. Select your plan and click on NEXT.


  1. Select your Storage Plan (Click on the radio button to turn on the particular storage plan) and click on NEXT


  1. If you wish to link your domain to the service, select Link a Domain to Serviceand
    1. Use Domain from Your Account
    2. Register New Domain
    3. Transfer Your Domain
    4. Add Your Domain


  1. Else, select Don’t Link a Domain and click on NEXT


  1. Insert PO (Personal Order) Number (this is optional) and click on FINISH


  1. Confirm Your Purchase details and click on PURCHASE


  1. You will get notifications at the top right corner.




  1. Once the order will be provisioned, Customer(s) will be able to enjoy the services of Dropmysite.