This article describes how to create a website profile in Dropmysite.


1. Login to your customer control panel


2. Click on ‘Dropmysite’ tab.


3. The ‘Dropmysite’ page opens



4. Click on Add Website button.



5. The ‘Add Website into backup’ page will open and select the ‘Protocol’ accordingly by clicking the dropdown.



6. Enter all the required fields indicated by (*) in the form and click on ‘Add Website’.


1. Profile Name: Give any easy-to-identify profile name for the backup.

2. Protocol: Select a protocol from the list of drop down options (which you can see by clicking on the arrow () button): FTP, SFTP, RSYNC – Over SSH, RSYNC – Over SSH or RSYNC - Daemon Mode.

For most of hosting providers, FTP is the preferred mode.

3. Encryption:  To convert the information or data into a code.

4. Port: The default port number will be automatically entered. If your port number is different from the default port number, please enter the port number.

5. Hostname: Enter the hostname of your FTP account. If you do not know your hostname check the FTP settings of your website.

6. Username: Enter the username for your FTP account.

7. Password: Enter the password for your FTP account.

8. You will receive a confirmation message after adding the website and you will get an option to add other websites to your DMS account. Please make sure that you have only limited amount of space that you purchased.