This article describes how to assign service to new user for Dropmysuite.


1. Login to your customer control panel



2. Click on ‘Users’ tab on the left side of the menu.



3. Click on ‘Add new users’



4. Fill all the required fields and assign the ‘Role’ based upon your requirement.



5. Enable the ‘Select Options’ to send activation email to users and click on ‘NEXT’.



6. You will get a confirmation popup message on your control panel.

7. To activate the user Click on ‘Actions’ tab and select ‘Activate’ button.



8. To confirm the same click on ‘Activate’ button.

9. Click on the user's name in the list of the Users.



10. Make the required change by clicking on the arrow button in the ‘Access Level’ field and select between ‘Full Access’ or ‘Read Only Access’ and click on ‘Submit



11. The user’s information will update and saved.