Follow these steps in order to download a backed up database to your computer.


1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)

2) Click on the ‘Dropmysite’ tab

3) The ‘Dropmysite’ page opens

4) Click on the Login to Dropmysite button

5) The Dropmysite (DMS) Dashboard opens

6) Click on the download files () button corresponding to database backup that you want to download

7) The ‘Create Download’ page opens

8) By default, the latest backup is selected in the ‘Backup date:’ field. If you want to download an older backup, select the date of the backup from the list of drop down options

9) Click the Download button (located at the bottom of the page)

10) The system packages your database into a dump file

11) DMS will let you know when the dump file is ready

12) Click on the ‘Please download from here if the download does not start automatically.’ link

13) The dump file downloads to your computer


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