To see when the next scheduled backup is, go to the Dropmysite Dashboard.

Fig. 1: In this screenshot, the next backup is scheduled in 21 days, 23 hours sand 59 minutes.

If you need to initialize a backup before the next scheduled backup follow the steps below.

How to: Initialize an Unscheduled Backup


1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)

2) Click on the ‘Dropmysite’ tab

3) The ‘Dropmysite’ page opens

4) Click the Login to Dropmysite button

5) The ‘Dropmysite Dashboard’ opens

6) Corresponding to the website or database you want to backup, click the backup now (download__16_.png) button

7) You will receive a confirmation request

8) Click the Yes button

9) Backup will start immediately and you will receive real-time feedback

10) The new date for the ‘Last Backup’ is reflected on the dashboard


After initializing is complete the next backup will be created as per the backup schedule. The default settings for the backup schedule are:

Dropmysite (DMS) follows these default settings for your website’s backups:

Frequency: Once a day

Start time: 03:00AM Eastern Standard Time

Default Retention: Keep last 30 of latest backups

If you need to change these default settings follow the instructions in these articles:

To see a complete list of all help articles for Dropmysite, refer to the Table of Contents (TOC) in the Dropmysite – Starter Guide.