1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)

2) Click on the ‘Dropmysite’ tab

3) The ‘Dropmysite’ page opens

4) Click on the Login to Dropmysite button

5) The Dropmysite (DMS) Dashboard opens

6) Click on the Add Monitor button

7) The ‘+ Add Monitor’ page opens

8) Enter all the required fields (website URL for which you want to monitor; preferred Http method: GET, HEAD or POST); select a user agent 


Highlighted required fields

Url: URL of website which you want monitored.

Http method: Select your preferred HTTP method – GET, HEAD or POST.

 User agent: Select a user agent


9) Click the Next button

10) The system does a quick check to ensure the website is up and running

11) The ‘Schedule Monitor’ page opens

12) Configure your website monitor’s settings




1. Timeout: Specify maximum length of time for an outage

 2. Frequency: How often DMS should perform a check

3. Alert threshold:Maximum number of timeouts that are accepted before you want to be notified.

 4. Alert emails: Enter email IDs of all individuals you want alerted


13) Click the Next button

14) The ‘Save Profile’ page opens

15) Provide an easy-to-remember name in the ‘Profile name’ field and review the settings (click download__23_.png if you need to make any changes)


16) Click the Save button

Your website’s monitor is now setup. If you need to make any changes to an existing monitor, follow the instructions provided in ‘How to: Change a Website Monitor Settings’.

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