Here is how to generate performance data for your website.

1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)

2) Click on the ‘Dropmysite’ tab

3) The ‘Dropmysite’ page opens

4) Click on the Login to Dropmysite button

5) The Dropmysite (DMS) Dashboard opens

6) In the ‘Monitors’ section, locate the monitor you want to view the performance data

7) Click on the performance (download__26_.png) button

8) The ‘Website Performance’ page opens

The Website performance data provides the following information:

  1. Region – Area where the website was monitored.
  2. Date – The date on which the performance data was collected.
  3. Minimum – The minimum response time for the day.
  4. Maximum – The maximum response time for the day.
  5. Average – The arithmetic average response time for the day.
  6. Tests – Total number of tests performed throughout the day.
  7. Failures – The number of times the monitor failed.

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