Dropmyemail - Starter Guide

Dropmyemail has 3 subscriptions to select from on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace:

1) Business Email Backups

2) Personal Email Backups and

3) Business Email Archive.

Note: The individual selected during the purchase process on Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace is automatically assigned the role of Administrator.

All subscriptions are fully compatible with any Email Provider (refer to ‘How to: Setup Backup/Archive for a Mailbox (Email Provider: Gmail/O365)’ or ‘How to: Setup Backup/Archive for a Mailbox (Email Provider: Others)’ for instructions on assigning a mailbox to a backup or archive subscription).

Business Email Archive and Business Email Backup each come with 5 licenses by default so you can archive/backup, up-to 5 mailboxes. When upgrading these subscriptions you will be increasing licenses (purchase 1 additional license per mailbox that you want to assign a license to).

IMPORTANT! Mailboxes assigned to Business Email Archive can only be deactivated and not deleted. You can deactivate up to 20% of your total mailboxes. If the number of deactivated mailboxes exceeds the 20% limit, then licenses will be consumed.

Personal Email Backup comes with 5GBs, by default. When upgrading you can increase the storage space by: 10GBs, 25GBs, 50GBs, 75GBs or 150GBs. You can include as many mailboxes as required as long as the amount of used storage space does not exceed the amount of purchased storage space.

After purchasing your Dropmyemail subscription you can check its provisioning status from your Reseller Control Panel.

Customers will be primarily using the Dropsuite Portal (click here to view the Dropsuite Portal’s User Manual – Table of Contents) including assigning a subscription to a mailbox. Customers must log in to the Dropsuite Portal from the Customer Control Panel.

Resellers can view Customer activities, error logs and assist Customers with issues from the Reseller Support Panel (click here to view the Reseller Support Panel – Table of Contents). From the Customer Control Panel you can log in to the Dropmyemail Portal and upgrade your subscriptions.


Cancelling & Switching Subscriptions

You can cancel a subscription at any time however there will be no refunds and no prorated billing on your next invoice.

While you can have multiple subscriptions, you cannot switch between Dropmyemail subscriptions. You must cancel the old one and then purchase the preferred subscription.


Following is a comprehensive list of all KBs related to Dropmyemail :

Reseller Control Panel

Customer Control Panel

Dropsuite Portal KBs /Dropmyemail User Manual

Reseller Support Panel

How to: Check Provisioning Status


How to: Login to the Dropsuite Portal


How to: Upgrade/Downgrade a Dropmyemail Subscription


How to: Setup Backup/Archive for a Mailbox (Email Provider: Gmail/O365)


How to: Setup Backup/Archive for a Mailbox (Email Provider: Others)


Dropsuite Portal - Starter Guide


How to: Check the Progress of Archives/Backups/Downloads/Migrations


How to: View Archives & Backups


How to: Use the Advanced Search Feature & Save a Search


How to: Setup an Alert (Saved Search)


How to: Restore Backups


How to: Download and View Attachments


How to: Search Attachments (Attachments Manager)


How to: Share Attachments


How to: Use Dropmyemail for Mail Migration


How to: Generate, View and Download Reports


How to: Generate, Interpret & Download ‘Relationships’ Specialized Report


How to: Deactivate a Mailbox


How to: Delete a Mailbox



Reseller Support Panel - Overview


How to: Login to the Dropmyemail Support Panel


How to: View Errors (and Understand the Panel’s Interface)


How to: Generate Error Logs


Errors – Probable Causes & General Steps for Finding a Resolution

How to: Contact Dropmyemail Support


How to: Contact Dropmyemail (DME) Support


How to: View/Change the Status of a Support Ticket






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