For Personal Email Backups upgrade and downgrade is based on changing the storage space limit. You can select between: 5GB, 10GB, 25GB, 50GB, 75GB or 150GB.

Business Email Backups or Business Email Archive can be upgraded or downgraded by increasing or decreasing the number of licenses. You will be required to have a license for every mailbox you want to backup and/or archive.

Note: You cannot downgrade subscriptions below the amount of storage space or licenses already in use.

  1. Login to your Customer Control Panel (CCP)

  2. Select the ‘Dropmyemail’ tab

  3. Click Buy More Storage button

  4. Enter the number of additional seats/select the amount of additional storage space that you require

    Note: Personal Email Backup is upgraded by purchasing additional storage space.

    i) ‘Personal Email Backup’ requires you to purchase storage space.

    ii) ‘Business Email Archiver’ and ‘Business Email Backup’ require you to purchase a license for every mailbox you want to assign a Dropmyemail service to.

  5. Review your order details and place the order.