This article applies only to Google Apps Account, Gmail Account and O365.

Note: For Personal Email Backups you can associate as many emails with your subscription as required while being cognizant of your storage limit.  Business Email Backups or Business Email Archive will require a license for every mailbox you want to assign a Dropmyemail service to.


Before you try to add any emails, please ensure you are logged out of all Google Apps or Gmail accounts. Alternatively, you can perform these steps in a browser window opened in Incognito mode.

1) Log in to the Customer’s Drop-suite Portal



2) Click the Add Email button




3) Select an Email Provider: Gmail or Office 365




4) Enter the User’s email credentials - username and password

Note: You can upload multiple Users all at once by using Upload CSV file.




5) Click the Start Backup button




When connections are successfully established the first backup/archive is immediately initialized and you will be able to view its progress on the Dashboard.

Note: Subsequent backups/archives are set to occur after every 2 hours.




AFTER assigning mailboxes to a Business Email Archive subscription please follow the instructions on journaling found on the Dropmyemail FAQ website under Archiver > Journaling:

 To learn more about the Drop-suite Portal refer to the Dropmyemail User Manual and FAQs.