If all attempts to diagnose the error has been exhausted then it is time to contact Dropmyemail (DME) Support.

You can contact Dropmyemail (DME) Support either by email or using the DME Support button (). Before you begin please have your error log ready (refer to ‘How to: Generate Error Logs’).

Regardless of which method you choose to contact DME Support, be sure to include the following information:

  • The related email account details (email ID)
  • Operation (Backup, Migration, etc.) and phase/error (Running, Retrying, etc.) during which the occurred
  • Exact error received
  • Steps to recreate the issue
  • Screenshot of the issue (nice-to-have)         

 Note: Screenshots cannot be included when contacting DME Support through the Reseller Support Panel.


Please feel free to send an email to the DME Support at vip_support@dropsuite.com.

Using the DME Support Button

1) Select the operation’s tab corresponding to the operation which showed an error

2) Under the operation select the phase/error that was highlighted

3) Click the DME Support () button

4) In the pop-up message box enter the details of the error (by default the error’s ID forms the subject of the ticket)


5) Include error log information at the bottom of your message

6) Click the Submit ticket button