The Drop-suite Portal is where all Dropmyemail functions reside. The following table lists all functionalities that can be performed from within the Drop-suite Portal and their availability to the different subscriptions:




Personal Email Backup

Business Email Backup

Business Email Archive

Advanced Search




Attachment Manager

Mailbox Migration


Insights & Relationships Report


Delete Mailbox



You are required to access the Dropsuite Portal from the Customer Control Panel (refer to ’How to: Login to the Dropsuite Portal’ for detailed instructions).


Before you begin using the Dropsuite Portal and after assigning mailboxes to your Business Email Archive subscriptions (Gmail/O365 or Others) follow the instructions on journaling found on the Dropmyemail FAQs webpage: (under ARCHIVER > Journaling):



Following is a comprehensive list of all knowledge base articles related to the Drop-suite Portal (aka the Dropmyemail User Manual):

How to: Check the Progress of Archives/Backups/Downloads/Migrations

How to: View Archives & Backups

How to: Use the Advanced Search Feature & Save a Search

How to: Setup an Alert (Saved Search)

How to: Restore Backups

How to: Download and View Attachments

How to: Search Attachments (Attachments Manager)

How to: Share Attachments

How to: Use Dropmyemail for Mail Migration

How to: Generate, View and Download Reports

How to: Generate, Interpret & Download ‘Relationships’ Specialized Report

How to: Deactivate a Mailbox

How to: Delete a Mailbox



Why does it take so long for the initial backup/archive to be completed ?

Are your backups done incrementally ?

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Why aren’t archived folders getting updated ?

Is data retained after the service has been cancelled, and if so, for how long ?

Is there a limit to the size of the attachment ?

Is it possible to delete individual emails from the archive / backups ?

Can I download attachments ?

Will the date and time of the emails be preserved while migrating emails ?

Why does it fail to archive / backup my Gmail account ?


Note: In addition to these KB articles you can find additional topics about Dropmyemail here: