For Business Email Archive you cannot delete a mailbox you can only deactivate the mailboxes.

Note: Once a mailbox is deactivated the following are true:

- No new emails will have backups or will be archived

- Only the Administrator/Super Administrator will be allowed to access the deactivated mailbox

- User will be denied access

- You can deactivate up to 20% of your total mailboxes beyond which, licenses will be consumed and you will have to pay for it

Follow the steps in this article to deactivate mailboxes :

1) Login to the Dropsuite Portal



2) Select the mailbox that you wish to deactivate by clicking on its corresponding radio button



3) Click the De-Activate button



4) A window opens requesting you to confirm that you want to deactivate the selected mailbox



5) Click the Confirm button



The selected mailbox will then be deactivated.

Note: You can re-activate whenever required.