You can either view your attachments from Email View or the Attachment Manager page (if you know the name of the attachment, in whole or part, you can use the search feature available on the Attachment page, refer to How to: Search Attachments (Attachments Manager)’).

This article describes how to view attachments when viewing archives/backups of emails.

Note: If you need to share this attachment refer to How to: Share Attachments’).

1) Login to the Drop-suite Portal

2) Select the mailbox to which the attachment belongs by clicking on its corresponding radio button


3) Click the View button


4) On the ‘View Emails’ page you will find all archives/backups for the selected mailbox

Note: If you are searching for a specific email, use the search feature.



5) Open the email with the attachment you want to view, you will find the attachment at the bottom of the email


6) Click on the attachment to download and it is now available for viewing