Adobe Cloud on Connect (Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace) provides our partners with the following capabilities:

  • Create Adobe Cloud Reseller Account (Partner)
  • Create Adobe Cloud End Customer Account
  • Collect and validate additional parameters during purchase flow.
  • Provision Adobe Cloud Subscriptions
  • Upsize Adobe Cloud Subscriptions
  • Downsize to zero Adobe Cloud Subscriptions
  • Purchase new Adobe Cloud Subscriptions within the same Adobe Cloud Account
  • Suspend subscriptions (disable auto renew Adobe Subscriptions)
  • Resume previously suspended subscriptions (enable auto renew Adobe Subscriptions)
  • Cancel Adobe Cloud subscription
  • Migrate Adobe VIP (Traditional) to Adobe Cloud Marketplace Accounts.
  • Use Language Packs (To be developed in English. Additional languages to be added via language files)


  1. Log in to your Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and click on the Business Applications tab. 

  2. Select Adobe Cloud from the list of subscriptions. 

  3. Click on the Buy Now button for Adobe Cloud. 

  4. You will be redirected to the Control Panel. Click on the ADD TO CART button. 

  5. The subscription will be added to the Cart. Scroll up and click on the Cart icon (top-right of the page). 

  6. Select the required number of licenses and click on the NEXT button at the bottom of the page. 

  7. Select one of the two options - Select Existing Customer, OR Add New Customer. Click on the Next button. 

  8. Click on the NEXT button, again.  

  9. Set up the purchase option and click on the NEXT button. 

  10. If you selected the option - Make a new purchase:
    1. Fill in the customer information and click on the NEXT button. 

  11. If you selected the option - Migrate Existing VIPplease note that there is an alternate and a more optimal method to migrate existing VIP subscriptions. Please refer to the article - 09 How to transfer subscriptions from Adobe VIP Program to Adobe VIP Marketplace for this alternate method.
    1. If you still want to continue with the current method, please fill in the Adobe VIP Number as shown below and continue using the process described in the article.

  12. Review the order details and place the order. 

  13. You will receive the order number for the purchase you made.