You can increase or decrease the resources for Adobe Cloud from the customer control panel.


  1. Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel.


  1. Click on the Adobe Cloud from the left side menu and you will see the subscription details.


  1. Click on the MANAGE LIMITS.


  1. Here, you can upsize or downsize the subscriptions.

Product Upsize

  • Adobe Product upsizes are supported on Ingram CMP.
  • Any upsize request is executed immediately on Adobe side. Same as Ingram CMP.
  • Adobe Co-Terms the upsizes performed during the cycle of the Adobe Subscription. Co-Termination is also supported on Ingram CMP. Following Adobe’s model.

To perform product upsize, please follow the steps below:

  1. Increase the required number of resources by clicking on the + button and place the order. mceclip3.png 

  2. As the order will be completed, you will see the updated resources.


Product Downsize

  • Adobe Product downsizes are now supported on Cloud Market Place.
  • Any downsize request is executed at the anniversary date on Adobe side. On CMP any downsize request is executed immediately.
  • Any partial downsize performed on CMP will reduce the amount of licenses that will be auto renewed on Adobe side. For a downsize of 1 unit on a Product of 5 will request Adobe to auto renew the product with 4 licenses.
  • If a full downsize (to zero quantity) is performed on CMP, this is translated into a request to not renew correspondent Product on Adobe side.

To perform product downsize,  please follow the steps below:

  1. Flagging an Adobe Product not to be renewed. 

  2. The selected Adobe Product won’t be renewed on the renewal date.