Once you have downloaded the Microsoft Perpetual software, you will require the license key to complete the installation for the software which required the license key. You can copy the license key from the New Microsoft Admin Center under the Software tab of the Product and Services section.

mceclip1.png Process

  1. Login to Microsoft Admin Center.


  1. Provide your admin username and click on the Next button.


  1. Insert your Password and click on the Sign – in button.


  1. You will be redirected to the new Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


  1. Navigate and click on the Billing > Your Products.


  1. Click on the Software tab at Your Products section. You will see the list of the available software and their quantities.


  1. As you click on any of the product software names, you can see the details of the software.
  1. Click on the Copy Key link to view the license key.


  1. You will see the license key in a pop – up window. Copy it and save it in the notepad or any other word processing software installed on your computer.


  1. Use this license key, when you will install the respective software product on a Computer machine.