You can buy Software Subscriptions for your customers from the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. Commercial customers express the need for cost-effective solutions to support their predictable cloud workloads. The combination of windows and SQL Server Software Subscriptions with Azure RI enables partners to better address this need. The Azure Hybrid Benefit included with the Software Subscriptions provides deployment flexibility.


VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: How to Buy Software Subscriptions


  1. Navigate to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP).

  2. Click on the Marketplace tab on the left panel of the RCP and type Microsoft – Software Subscription in CSP in the search box and click on Microsoft – Software Subscription in CSP in the suggestion result from the search box.

  3. Click on the respective Software Subscription you’re looking for and click “Add to Cart”.

  4. Scroll up and click on the Cart icon.  

  5. On the “Place an Order” page, adjust the quantity of the Server Subscriptions that you need. When ready, click “Next”.
    Keep in mind the minimum purchase requirements as well as the minimum Server requirements.  

  6. Select the customer from the list of an existing customer, or you can create a new customer as well if you are placing this order for a new customer.  

  7. Enter the Microsoft domain. If the Customer already has existing Microsoft Cloud products or services with Ingram Micro, the right box will be grayed out and the domain will auto-populate.
    If the Customer doesn’t have any existing Microsoft Cloud products or services with Ingram yet, you’ll want to use the right box and input the Microsoft domain.

    Note – The Customer must accept the Ingram Micro CSP relationship before this order can proceed. You can accept this relationship on behalf of your Customer but clicking on the “Authorize” hyperlink within the right box.     

  8. You may be required to accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement on behalf of your Customer. If so, input the details and click “Next”.  

  9. Review the order details and click on the BUY button  

  10. You will receive an Order Number.  

  11. Log into the Customer’s Control Panel to see the new Software Subscriptions. You can find them under the Microsoft CSP Tab.  

  12. Enable the Hybrid Use Benefits feature of the Virtual Machine you bought the Software Subscription for.

    Log into the Azure Portal (portal.azure.com) for this Customer’s Azure subscription and change the configuration settings of the Virtual Machine. Click “Yes” on the Licensing area. This turns on the Hybrid Use Benefits (HUB) feature. Don’t forget to click “Save”.

  13. Once HUB is enabled on the Virtual Machine that you bought Server Subscriptions for, the Customer shouldn’t be charged on-demand rates for the cost of the Operating System.

Please also note:

Software Subscription don’t auto-renew.

If you don’t renew the Software Subscriptions, you’ll need to ensure to disable the HUB feature within the Virtual Machine to stay compliant.

RDS CALs need to be activated by calling the Microsoft Clearing House at 888-571-2048.