When using the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, you will be able to select and purchase an Autodesk product from a subscription catalogue matching the privileges of your existing partner relationship with Autodesk.

Important Notes

Returns & Refunds:  Autodesk does not permit returns or refunds on Subscription orders.  Please ensure that your order is correct before submitting it.

End of Term Cancellations:  All Subscriptions are set to auto-renew at their Subscription Term End Date (anniversary date).  You may disable auto-renew anytime up until 5 business days before the Subscription Term End Date.  To do so, you must first un-assign licenses from end users.  You are obligated to pay for the Subscriptions until their Term End Date. To turn off the auto-renew option in order to stop them renewing, please refer to ‘How to: Disable Auto-renew for Autodesk’).

Minimum Commitment Term:  All Subscriptions have a 12-month | 1 year commitment term.  For Monthly Pre-Paid Subscriptions, this means you are committing to 12 monthly instalments.

Customer Support:  You are obligated to provide support to your Customers.  Ingram Micro and Autodesk provide customer support to you only.

Software Updates and Upgrades:  To receive Software Update and Upgrade entitlements from the Subscription purchase, you must be registered directly with Autodesk and have a valid CSN.

Accessing Specialized Products with an Autodesk CSN

In order to access Specialized Autodesk products, you will need to provide your unique Autodesk Customer Specific Number (CSN). If you do not have a CSN, only the ‘Open’ catalogue is available to you.

Customer Specific Numbers (CSNs) are issued directly by Autodesk, not by Ingram Micro. If you do not yet have a CSN, and you wish to obtain one, please click here to visit Autodesk to register for a CSN.


The Order Process on Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace

There are two possible order processes on Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace for Autodesk products:

       i) Order process using a product ID and

      ii) Order process without a product ID

The Order Process on Cloud Marketplace Using a Product ID

The product ID is a 15-character code unique to every Autodesk service plan. Each product ID contains the following information: i) the product name ii) subscription period and iii) specifies whether to include basic or advanced support. You will find these product IDs listed in the Autodesk product catalogue. If you do not have a product ID you can go to ‘The Order Process on Cloud Marketplace without a Product ID’.

By providing a product ID, a specific Autodesk service plan will be placed directly in your shopping cart. The major steps are depicted in the flowchart below:   


The Order Process on Cloud Marketplace without a Product ID

You will be taken through a simple wizard in order to select the Autodesk service plan that you wish to purchase.  The major steps are depicted in the flowchart below:

For a detailed step-by-step guide on purchasing your Autodesk software from Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace, refer to ‘How to: Purchase Autodesk from IM Cloud Marketplace‘.

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