‘How to: Handle Provisioning Failure for Error Codes: 70 & 71’ addresses the case where Autodesk "accepts" an order from Ingram, but then has an internal error and "fails to provision" the order. This is an internal error at Autodesk, which eventually results in a timeout and the generation of Error Code 70 or Error Code 71. Unfortunately, the usual procedure of simply re-submitting the order does not work for this case, because Autodesk cannot "save" the failed provisioning at its end. Autodesk has to abandon this order completely, and therefore Ingram has to re-submit a brand new one (with a uniquely different tracking ID). 

When you have identified the reason for a failed provisioning to be either error code 70 or error code 71, follow these steps instead:

Step 1: Cancel the subscription

Step 2: Contact IMTS (Email: Autodesk-Licensing@IngramMicro.com; Phone: 1-800-456-8000 x 76027) and provide the following information:


Check RCP > Operations > Subscriptions for:

  • Subscription ID
  • SKU number
  • Subscription period

Check RCP > Operations > Orders for:


Step 3: IMTS will make a callback after confirming with Autodesk that all their systems are up and running

Step 4: Upon receiving IMTS’ callback, return to the Ingram Micro CMP and purchase the Autodesk subscription again

IMPORTANT! If you attempt to simply resubmit the order for the failed Autodesk subscriptions in this scenario, the Autodesk order will continue to fail to provision.