‘How to: Avoid Multiple Records for the Same Customer Being Created with Autodesk’ addresses the case where a there is a Customer having a relationship with Autodesk that pre-dates their use of Ingram Cloud Marketplace.  When using Cloud Marketplace for the first time, CMP goes through a Partner Mastering process.  If any information about the Customer is input to Cloud Marketplace in a way that is different from what Autodesk has on file, Autodesk will think Cloud Marketplace is attempting to master a new Customer, as opposed to mapping to an existing Customer.  This results in a two profiles at Autodesk, with entitlements and licensing not matching under contracts.

The following steps describe how to view and edit the Customer’s information in CloudBlue Commerce:


1) Log in to your New Unified Reseller Control Panel.


2) Click on the Customers from the left side menu.


3) On the Customers page, click on the customers tab to view the customers' list.

mceclip2.png 4) Search the customer in the search box by typing the customer's Account ID or the Account Name and click on the Search button.


5) Click on the customer name to view the details of the customer.


6) You will see the customer Account details, click on the EDIT button.


7) Edit the Administrative Contact information.


8) Scroll down and click on the OK button.


Now you may proceed to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace to place an order of Autodesk for the customer.