This article describes how to set the markup margin for Autodesk service plans. You can apply a markup margin to all Autodesk service plans; multiple service plans or a single service plan.

Note: In order to provide an exclusive price margin to a single customer first set the markup margin for the service plan(s), and then purchase the Autodesk service plan on CMP(or Reseller Control Panel) for that customer.


  1. Log in to your Reseller Control Panel. Switch to Classic Panel.

  2. Make sure you are in Operations Interface (Don't Click on Billing). Select Operations > Services > Collaboration

  3. On the Collaboration page, select Price List Configuration under Autodesk service.

  4. CSN Onboarding, proceed Without CSN select the radio button and click on Save.

  5. Proceed with CSN, specify the CSN number and click on Save.

  6. Enter the Customer ID and click on search, page opens with the default markup margin.

  7. Listed all products with margin markup, The Default Percentage field becomes editable and you can enter your new markup margin for the specific products and click on Manage.

  8. You will get a pop-up window to make the changes click on OK to proceed further.

  9. If you assign a Markup Margin to all your Autodesk service plans, Tick the check box it will auto select all products and update the new markup margin and click on Manage.

  10. You will get a confirmation pop-up window, click OK to proceed further.