Setting Customer-Facing Pricing and Margins


Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace allows you to establish your own Customer-facing pricing and margins.

Unfortunately, you will experience compromised functionality that does not allow you to establish your pricing and margins until after your first purchase. 


  • You will not experience this issue if you do not use Ingram Micro’s Customer-facing billing (i.e. you do your own in-house Customer Billing).
  • This issue will be addressed in a new release of the product to Cloud Marketplace scheduled (coming soon).

The workaround is to:

  1. Purchase any product that you require, with a Seat | License quantity of 1.  If you need to order multiple products, select a product with the lowest unit cost.  (If you need more than 1, you can add more seats in step #5.)
  2. Allow your purchase to fully provision.
  3. Enter the Reseller Control Panel, and follow the steps to set Customer facing pricing and margins.  You will be able to set this for any/all SKUs in the Autodesk catalog for which you have permission to resell (i.e. Open or all catalogues).  See the guide “How to: Setup Markup Margins for Autodesk Service Plans”.
  4. If you require more than a quantity 1, of the Autodesk product you already purchased, enter the Customer Control Panel, select your Subscription, and use the Add Seats functionality.  See the guide “How to: Add or Remove Seats to an existing Subscription using your Customer Control Panel (CCP)” for detailed steps.

When this process is completed, you may now purchase additional Subscriptions and they will all come configured with your pricing and margins in the Customer-facing billing system.


Notice for Cancellations

Because Autodesk processes cancellations (disable of Auto-Renew) manually, even though Ingram Micro captures your request electronically via the Cloud Marketplace, we must submit your request to disable Auto-Renew at least 5 business days before the Subscription Term End Date.  This ensures sufficient processing time for Autodesk.  If your request is received too late, it will be applied against the next committed Subscription Term after your Subscription renews automatically for another year.


Put On Hold

Autodesk does not support a Hold or Suspend function for its Subscriptions.  Therefore, the Hold functionality (the Hold button in Reseller Control Panel) does not have any practical or useful effect.

If you accidentally use the Hold functionality, you will continue to be billed by Ingram Micro until the Subscription Term End Date.  As Autodesk Subscriptions are pre-paid, the Customer will continue to have access to the product for the pre-paid period. 

In order to stop a Customer having access to their Subscriptions for a period of time, you must un-assign licenses from within the Autodesk Account Management portal.

Caution:  Use of the Hold button will de-activate functionality within the Cloud Marketplace for these Subscriptions.  Therefore, it only has a negative effect for you without doing anything noticeable to the Customer.  Therefore we recommend against using the Hold function.


Consolidated Invoicing

Autodesk does not support Consolidated Invoicing.  If you are purchasing both Autodesk and non-Autodesk (i.e. Microsoft, Acronis, IBM) products from the Cloud Marketplace, you will receive one invoice for your Autodesk products, and another invoice for all other products combined.

If you are a partner that is exclusively reselling Autodesk, you will not notice this issue.


Consolidated Customer Billing

Autodesk does not support Consolidated Customer Billing.  If you are selling both Autodesk and non-Autodesk (i.e. Microsoft, Acronis, IBM) products from the Cloud Marketplace, and you are using Ingram Micro’s Customer Billing feature, Ingram will be sending on your behalf to each Customer one bill for your Autodesk products, and another bill for all other products combined.

You will not notice this issue if you:

  • are a partner that is exclusively reselling Autodesk
  • do your own Customer billing in-house or with another platform


VCP Catalog

The current release does not support the VCP Catalog.  It supports only the Commercial VAR Catalog.


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