Your customer can add as many as 999 seats under a single Autodesk subscription or reduce the amount of resources required.

Important: When resources are downgraded i.e. the number of seats have been reduced, the reduced resources will become effective at the moment of auto-renew, regardless of when they are requested. 

The following article describes how to add or remove seats under an Autodesk subscription.

Important Note: Autodesk has stopped Auto-renew functionality, if you want to Add Seats to the existing subscription of Autodesk Autorenew, then you have to re-import those seats to the new version of the Autodesk Integration. Please contact Ingram Micro Cloud Customer Support at

  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP).


  1. Click on ‘Autodesk’ from left-side menu option.


  1. Click on the MANAGE button on ADMINISTRATION tile.


  1. Now click on the MANAGE SEATS button on the Administration page.


  1. Select your required number of seats and click on BUY.


  1. Once the order will be provisioned, you will be able to see the updated seats of the Autodesk subscription.