Starter Guide.

Intuit QuickBooks is an accounting service available to individuals and small businesses. QuickBooks offers advanced features such as planning tools; prepare and print 1099s; inventory tracking; create recurring invoices; and even understand the health of your business with access to over 60 insightful built-in reports. All of these features are available in an easy-to-use and access-from-anywhere interface.


On the Cloud Marketplace

Quick-books is available on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace under CLOUD SERVICES > BUSINESS APPLICATIONS > Intuit Quick-books Online.


There are 3 service plan options each with a minimum commitment of 1 month. The service plans are: quick start for 1 user; online essentials for up to 3 users and online plus for up to 5 users. In addition to the number of users, there are feature differences as well. Detailed descriptions of each service plan is available on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace’s Intuit Quick-books product page.

IMPORTANT! Your purchase will not provision if you make a large order that exceeds your credit limit. You can view your available credit limit under ‘My Re-seller Status’ (RCP > Billing > System > My Re-seller Status) :


Subscription Management

Quick-books subscriptions are active as soon as provisioning is complete and auto renew is enabled by default (refer to ‘How to: Toggle Auto-renew On/Off’ to learn how to disable auto-renew). Customers can own multiple subscriptions however, you cannot switch between Quick-books service plans. Instead, you will need to cancel the Customer’s current subscription and then place a new order on the CMP. It is recommended that cancellations be made only once the Customer does not have any existing term commitments. If a cancellation order is processed before a term commitment is complete then the Re-seller will be responsible for all pending payments.


Customer Control Panel

On the ‘QuickBooks Online’ page, the ‘Resources’ section provides a bird’s eye view of all the licenses purchased and used by the different service plans owned by a Customer. Once the Administrator’s account has been created this can be accessed from the CCP.

To download the client on a desktop, the Customer Control Panel must be accessed from the desktop and the client must be downloaded directly unto the desktop.


Support Reference

For help with Intuit Quick-books, US-based product support is available 24/7.

For all questions related to the Reseller Control Panel, Customer Control Panel and provisioning the subscription please refer to the L2 Channel Support - Directory for local support information.

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