On Cloud Marketplace

NCR SKUs are packaged to meet the business needs of SMBs and Restaurants.







Silver vs. SilverPro

If you are purchasing subscriptions for an establishment that requires everything from employee management to processing customer payments - NCR SilverPro will meet your requirements. SMBs can opt for NCR Silver.


Annual or Month-to-Month

NCR Silver and NCR SilverPro have annual or month-to-month payment options.

 Note: Annual subscriptions impose a fee for premature cancellations. You can cancel subscriptions from the Customer’s Control Panel.

Next step in the purchase process is for you to choose between add-ons; bundles and equipment.

Product Configuration

It is important to have the right hardware-software solution for a business. Ingram Micro is currently collaborating with NCR to develop a configuration tool for our Cloud Marketplace. We will provide the link as soon as it becomes available.

The SKUs are optimally designed, however if you require a different configuration you may contact NCR’s support to receive a recommended solution.





Note: For emergencies, always contact support by phone.

For First-time Resellers of NCR Products & Softwares

When a VAR is ordering an NCR subscription for the first time, the VAR will see a new screen on Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace. VARs will be required to tick the checkboxes, corresponding to the states, the VAR has tax exemption certificates for.

States that issue tax exemption certificates are:

  1.  California
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Tennessee
  4. Illinois
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. New York

VARs selling NCR subscriptions to Customers in the same state as the VAR will not face any issues. If a purchase order is made for a Customer not residing in the same state as the VAR or resides in a state for which the VAR does not have a tax exemption certificate for, the order will fail. Orders that fail for this reason will automatically initiate a workflow by which Ingram Micro’s tax department will request Customer Service to send you the tax exemption form supplied by our tax department. Once this workflow is complete you can return to CMP and order the NCR subscription for your Customer



Annual Commitments

Cancelling annual subscriptions will be penalized.


About Shipping Hardware

Total costs include shipping and handling fees.

‘Billing Address’ is automatically ascribed to be the ‘Shipping Address’ as well.


Processing Companies

Currently there are two companies compatible with processing NCR products: EMV & Concierge. If you are outside the compatibility areas of these two processing companies, you will not be able to provision the subscription.

You can view information about the purchased NCR subscription on the Customer’s Control Panel (CCP).