This article clearly describes how to login to Workspace 365.


Go to https://ingram.workspace365.net/  and click on ‘Sign-in’.

Note: Upon logging in, your Exchange email account will be configured immediately. However, your login details will already be present here.

2. You will be prompted to register a ‘Secondary email address’. If your Workspace password needs a reset, the new temporary password will be send to your secondary email address.

3. Select your preferred Single sign-on type based upon your requirement.

4. You will get a confirmation message that your ‘Email has been successfully configured’, Click on ‘Next’ to set your SharePoint Server URL.

5. Enter the SharePoint URL to configure your SharePoint server and click on ‘Next’.

6. Finally the auto-detection of email setup is completed. Workspace setup is completed you are ready to go by clicking ‘Done’.