This article clearly describes how to change the end user settings.


1. Navigate to your workspace 365 dashboard and Open the 'Settings' page by clicking the (user icon > Settings.

From the Settings page, you can modify the following:

  • Your profile
  • Change your password
  • Validate your email address

User Profile

1. Here you can upload your profile picture, edit your personal information and change the email signature for the Email App and click on ‘Done’ to make the changes.

Integration Credentials

2. Here you can change your Workspace 365 password and decide whether you also want to apply the new password for Office 365.

Note: There should be available apps and integrations to link the credentials.


3. Here you can manually validate your Email, if not done automatically after first login.

If you have permissions for using shared mailboxes in Office 365, clicking the ‘Setup Shared Mailboxes’ button will deliver you a list of all the available ones. Checking the activation boxes and saving the settings by clicking ‘Done’ will result in adding the shared mailbox to your Email App for further use.

Note: If the Search Shared Mailboxes button does not appear, the Workspace Administrator still has to validate them.