This guide is created to help Administrators configure Workspace 365 successfully. This document assumes you are the Administrator for this account and have already created an account from Ingram Micro’ Customer Control Panel (refer to How to: Create an Account and Workspace Introduction).

First time login to Workspace 365

1) Refer to How to: Open Workspace. Your login details will already be present at

Note: Upon logging in, Exchange will be configured immediately.


Fig. 1


2) The next step is to configure SharePoint: 'Click here to configure your SharePoint server now'.


Fig. 2

3) Here you will have to enter the SharePoint server URL, which can be found in SharePoint itself and usually has the appearance of: https://[company]

4) We are using the example of a fictional company named Sport BV. The SharePoint URL that is generated automatically by Office 365: https//

Note: If this does not lead to a successful validation, then login via and click Sites. After this, go to Team Sites. Copy the URL (.com inclusive) in the address bar.

Fig. 3


5) After a successful validation it is necessary to select the correct sites and libraries

Fig. 4 


6) Click the Done button

7) Click the blue squares (top left corner) to return to the Workspace

Fig. 5

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